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East Galway Landfill
East Galway Landfill

Gibson’s have been awarded the East Galway Landfill contract to undertake site development works for Galway City Council. The works generally consist of the following:

  • Construction of two new Engineered Cells 8A and 9A comprising
    • Excavation and construction of berms to Cells
    • Drainage stone and collection pipe system and side risers for ground water pumps
    • Engineered bentonite enhanced clay barrier using imported materials
    • HDPE liner
    • Geotextile protection layer and stone drainage layer
    • Leachate collection pipework and associated cell side risers
  • Installation of utilities: telemetry and power ducting and new groundwater main
  • Engineered cap installed in 4 separate phases including
    • Modification of existing wells to receive new well heads
    • Installation of gas collection geocomposite and pipework
    • Installation of LLDPE liner
    • Installation of subsurface drainage geocomposite and associated pipework infrastructure
    • Installation of gas/leachate pipework
    • Subsoil, Topsoil and seeding
    • Installation of surface water swales
  • Installation of site access roads
  • Installation of new telemetry and power ducts
  • M&E works comprising new groundwater and leachate pumps, associated cables and switchgear
  • Landscaping

Works are due to commence in early August 2017 and will continue on a phased basis until Autumn 2020.This contract adds to an already impressive portfolio of Landfill schemes undertaken by Gibson’s and further demonstrates the knowledge, skills and ability of our in-house resources.