Aughrim Landfill Site, Cell 9A & 9B Enabling Works

Works comprised the delivery of enabling works to develop the new Cell 9A & 9B areas of the existing Aughrim Landfill Site, in advance of the engineered basal lining and impermeable liner installation works.

Enabling Works comprised;

  • Major earthworks – Excavation to designed formation levels of Cells 9A & 9B (115,000m³)
  • Filling with excavated material to design profiles to floor and slope areas within Cell 9A and 9B (115,000m³)
  • Extra over, excavation in rock (70,000m³), reprocessing of rock & placing as fill material within Cell 9A and 9B.
  • Provision of CQA documentation in compliance with specification, including soils classification, conformance test results & topographical surveys throughout the contract.