Crosstagherty Landfill Site Restoration – Phase 1

Works comprise the restoration of the Phase 1 area of the closed Crosstagherty Landfill Site. The Phase 2 area (located within the Phase 1 area) contained Japanese Knotweed, with this area securely quarantined and designated as an Exclusion Zone for the duration of the contract. The project included the installation of an engineered clay cap, requiring the import of approx. 75,000m³ of classified, tested and approved regulating and capping soils and 11000m³ of topsoil, together with the relocation, classification, screening and reuse of previously stockpiled soils on site.

Associated works included;

  • The installation of geosynthetic detailing at designated areas
  • Construction of access roads and hardstanding
  • Design and installation of leachate abstraction system
  • Construction of Integrated Construction Wetlands
  • Installation of Landfill Gas Management measures
  • Landscaping, and
  • Completion of Construction Quality Assurance testing to confirm suitability and stability of imported subsoil capping materials and conformance testing for designated areas of geosynthetic capping (drainage & gas geocomposite, GCL) in accordance with CQA requirements