East Galway Landfill

Gibson’s have been awarded the East Galway Landfill contract to undertake site development works for Galway City Council. The works generally consist of the following:

  • Construction of two new Engineered Cells 8A and 9A comprising
    • Excavation and construction of berms to Cells
    • Drainage stone and collection pipe system and side risers for ground water pumps
    • Engineered bentonite enhanced clay barrier using imported materials
    • HDPE liner
    • Geotextile protection layer and stone drainage layer
    • Leachate collection pipework and associated cell side risers
  • Installation of utilities: telemetry and power ducting and new groundwater main
  • Engineered cap installed in 4 separate phases including
    • Modification of existing wells to receive new well heads
    • Installation of gas collection geocomposite and pipework
    • Installation of LLDPE liner

    • Installation of subsurface drainage geocomposite and associated pipework infrastructure
    • Installation of gas/leachate pipework
    • Subsoil, Topsoil and seeding
    • Installation of surface water swales
  • Installation of site access roads
  • Installation of new telemetry and power ducts
  • M&E works comprising new groundwater and leachate pumps, associated cables and switchgear
  • Landscaping

Works commenced in early August 2017 and continued on a phased basis and completed on October 2020.