​B8 Hilltown Road Improvements – Ballydoo Rd / Hilltown Rd Junction

This scheme was awarded as a works order through our current Term Contract for Minor Improvement Works 2017 (MIS2 – Newry, Mourne & Down / Ards & North Down areas). The project comprised the realignment and widening of 230m of the existing carriageway to remove an existing hazardous bend and provide improved sightlines at the Ballydoo Road & Edentrumly Road Upper staggered crossroads. The realigned section was constructed in a deep cutting requiring extensive excavation & disposal and embankment strengthening works to ensure its stability.

Work activities included:-

  • Comprehensive Traffic Management – The B8 is a key link corridor in the area linking the main settlements of Hilltown, Mayobridge, Newry & Newcastle and has two way daily traffic flows in excess of 5,000 vehicles.
  • Temporary & Permanent Stockproof fencing (1054m)
  • Storm & filter Drainage systems (850m) c/w manholes (10no.) & Gullies (15no.)
  • 600mm dia. Culvert complete with Headwall (45m)
  • Earthworks - excavation & disposal (9,100m³), Import filling to road embankment – Class 6F5 (490m³), Topsoiling (4590m²)
  • Pavements – Type 3 Subbase (230m³), AC32 Base (680m²), AC20 Binder (680m²) & HRA Surface Course (4822m²), Milling (4150m²) & Regulating (495t)
  • Road Kerbs (141m) & Footways (450m²)
  • Supply & installation of traffic signs (7no.) Roadmarks (1910m) & Road studs (80no.)
  • Installing new service ducts & chambers for BT. Protection & lowering existing services including NIE & Water
  • Landscaping - grass seeding (4600m²) & planting Thornquicks (272m)

Chapter 8 Temporary Traffic Management was designed, implemented and maintained to ensure the safety of road users & construction staff on live public roads and provide uninterrupted traffic flows in both directions throughout the contract period.

  • Site Clearance (£11k) – trees & stumps, vegetation (4000m²), stonework (10m³), fencing (260m) & ironwork etc.