Stagrennan Polder Restoration Works, Drogheda

The Stagrennan Polder restoration works project was located on the south bank of the Boyne estuary adjacent to Marsh Road, Drogheda. Works were undertaken to comply with a Waste License issued by the EPA – i.e. Dredged spoil was previously infilled into the polder under qualified waste conditions.

The contract undertaken involved the restoration and removal of waste material to comply with the waste license requirements. Works included the redistribution of sand, silt, mud and gravels etc. within the polder area to restore substrates for habitat colonization and future planting of flora and shrubs to facilitate faunal restoration

Works included:

  • Earthworks and profiling into bunds and filled areas to create various habitats including Mudflats, Saltmarsh, Nesting Islands, Reed habitat and Artificial Lakes
  • Micro-scale profiling of deepwater channels
  • Protection fencing to Dune Slack, Wet Grassland and Dry Acid Grassland areas to retain habitat
  • Extension of shingle bank
  • Completion of works in intertidal conditions
  • Construction of sand banks for bird nesting (Kingfisher / Sandmartin).